As popular as pod system are these days, a lot of people in the vaping community have been complaining about the lack of customization, and companies are actually doing something about it. Following the success of the SMOK Nord, with its interchangeable coil-heads, manufacturers are coming up with similar all-in-one vaping devices that allow users to swap various types of coils for different style of vaping. The new VooPoo find Trio is one such vaping device. It comes with two different type of coil-heads designed for both direct-lung and mouth-to-lung vaping, as well as a large built-in battery. Let’s check it out:

The VooPoo Find Trio comes in a flimsy cardboard box colored in the same two-color combination as the device inside – in my case, turquoise and black – and featuring a life-size picture of the pod system on the front. On the back of the box we have a list of contents, the mandatory safety warnings and a scratch-and-check authenticity sticker.

Inside the box, we have the Find Trio all-in-one vaporizer, one refillable pod, a micro-USB charging cable, two different coil-heads, a user manual, and the same metal lanyard included with the Drag Nano pod system. While it only comes with one pod, this kit actually includes two compatible coils, so that’s technically a good thing. Just the other day I was criticizing VooPoo for only including one pod with their Drag Nano pod system, so I’m glad they stepped up their game with this one.


The VooPoo Find Trio measures 122mm x 35.9mm x 17mm and is primarily made of aluminum alloy and plastic. It weighs just 60 grams which is extremely light even for a device this size. The materials are actually visibly split, with the top half odf the mod made of plastic, and the lower half out of plastic. The two parts have very different texture as well, with the metal being smooth and slippery, and the plastic featuring these small grooves to improve your grip.

The mod itself is fairly straightforward, with the only worth mentioning being the micro-USB port on the bottom, and the oval-shaped fire button on one of its large sides. This is a manually-activated device, so if the thought of having to push a button to activate the battery every time you want to vape puts you off, the Find Trio may not be for you. Manual mods do have their advantages, though, like being able to preheat the coil for a more satisfying vape and not having to worry about e-liquid leaking into the battery. It’s a matter of personal preference is what I’m trying to say.


Anyway, the fire button is nice and clicky, but a little too loose, in my opinion. It works perfectly, but I don’t really like feeling it wobbling every time I search for it with my thumb. In fact, it’s so wobbly that it rattles if I shake the device. This may be just an issue with the unit I received for review, but it’s my job to let you know everything about the devices I test.

he VooPoo Find Trio is probably the next evolutionary step in the world of pod system. It’s a simple enough device that caters to beginners and intermediate vapers, but it adds an extra layer of customization by using different styles of interchangeable coils. Battery life is fantastic as well, but there are things that could use some improvement. For example, I wish VooPoo would implement some sort of power adjustment options to allow for even more customization, and I’d like to see them tackle proper mouth-to-lung as well, instead of catering exclusively to direct lung vapers. Still, I think the Find Trio is a step in the right direction.

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